Sunday, October 21, 2007

Stonesteps 50k-

Five years and going.

Started out fatigued. Ran TWOT 50 miler the week before so I would see what my legs have left.

1. Went out on the first loop almost two minutes faster than the previous year!!! crazy
2. didn't take any gels or food for the last lap(5.3 miles)


1. Drank a bottle per loop(20oz)
2. shut off my mind to push through a couple rough times.
3. pushed the steps for three out of four loops

Summary: Had fun and one of only a few runners that have run all of the Stonesteps 50k every year. Was only five minutes slower than the previous year. Pissed all of it away on the last lap. If I would have taken some kind of calories, this paragraph would be different. Stored all my gear(H20 and gels) at the finish of the second loop, this worked out well as I spent about a total of less than a minute in every aid station. Colder at the start: Gloves, Shorts, sleeveless, Hand held and later picked up a 1 water bottle pack. C-divides and injini toesocks.
I should be able to cut some time off of this course. Probably not next year as I plan on running the TT252 in the fall.
Thanks to the RD's and volunteers. This run gets better every year!!!!

A day later, I got my Montrail Vitesse in the mail. YEAH for an awesome looking shoe.

Into the wild is airing and will see it today.


Saturday, October 6, 2007


Went skydiving.

Jumped at 10,500 ft. pulled at 5,500. I am glad I went tandem since I forgot all about pulling the cord to open the chute. Maybe next time I will remember this small but very big detail. Nothing like jumping out of a plane about two miles up.