Thursday, March 29, 2012

spare some change

The painful process of change. I think pulling teeth or toenails is a good comparison. For years and years and a few more years I have always been a PC guy. The stepping stone for change was laid with the purchase of my iPad. Baby steps into the world of Apple, dipping my toe in the murky waters of the abyss. but just like everything else I do, most to some sort of an extreme. The far and off distant showed promise and hopes of grand things to come. With every interaction from help desk, IT and most recently what I call the run around the refusal to take ownership, I was pushed to jump in my car, drive to the Boulder apple store and purchase this wonderful, beautiful piece of technology that I now call MY Macbook Pro. This transformation should have taken place years ago but a fault to my personality and how I am wired is to hold on way to long. If I were a dog, some would call me loyal. I'm working on letting go sooner than later but I cannot fathom companies that do not 1. stand behind their products and B. fix something they should and can fix. With that said, Hewlett Packard, you have now joined the likes of General Motors vehicles on my personal black list. Will I make a dent in these huge major corporations, Absolutely not, but it makes me happy not spending my sweet moulah on them.
I digress.
Ran in Boulder this evening for the Thursday HHR(Happy Hour Run). About six miles at the base of the flatirons and then to Sherpas for some great Himalayan food with some great peoples. This equals Awesome
The guy doing downward dog and other private yoga poses in the park. not awesome, do that at home please.
The lady laying out near him. Awesome.
BTW. DROID is at full strength. iPhone, not going to get crazy.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

You Only Live Once

quick catch up.

"pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding" Kahli Garboni

Taxes are done. You are welcome Ohio.
My Resume is complete, yes work is on the horizon. I've started passively looking and I cannot overstate passively.
A visit to Ohio is in the works for June, waiting on the dates from my sister.
A trek in Nepal, china or Indonesia is in the works a few days after Hardrock 100(July 17-27) we will see.
My addiction to "breaking bad" is in rehab and I've moved on from this gateway drug to "south park"
South Park Colorado is pretty close to Evergreen.
Keeping a close eye on the wildfire burning not to far from Evergreen. The winds have shifted and sending it away from me, it is still not contained.
Running stronger and feeling more fit than I have in my whole life.
People who gripe about gas prices should buy a bicycle.
Good old War is the current band that tickles my external Auditory canal/cochlea all the way up to the cerebral cortex. That's what's wrong.

The sky is blue and the trails are dirt.

Monday, March 19, 2012

my playpen

Trail run in Boulder on Sunday and Keystone on Monday makes me want to sit underneath a rainbow and write a poem.

Monday, March 12, 2012

How Cute, I ran a marathon

Traveled to Salida CO on Friday for the Run Through Time trail Marathon on Saturday. Slept in the car Friday night and woke up to a very chilly morning. The run started at 9am so once the sun came up, it started to warm up to short sleeve shirt and shorts weather. The run consists of a two mile, 1/2 marathon and marathon that all start together. The first two miles are on a climbing dirt road and a descent back to the start finish. Then the course basically climbs for the next 13 miles or so until the gradual, very runnable descent back to the town of Salida. This training run went pretty uneventful except for one very technical section that I was bombing down, jumping over rocks and landed my left foot on a patch of ice that sent me for a loop and adding some of my skin on the rocks. All good. Very pretty views of the collegiate peaks and the Sawatch range. The GPS says 4,785ft of gain and 4,805ft of loss. I like Salida, very cool, artsy mountain town with an excellent PHO restaurant called Little Cambodian, so choice after a long run. Go PHO yourself

Monday, March 5, 2012

Bad Run, Good Run, Random, Rant, Challenge

Skipped the Sunday Church of the holy trail run in Boulder and decided to run from the house to Bergen Peak(24 miles round trip). Made it to the Safeway(5 miles) and turned around. My left hamstring was tight and Ive been dealing with a nagging cough for a week, add that I felt unmotivated to hack my way up a mountain. This equals a (BAD RUN)

Got up early Monday morning and knocked out the same run as the day before but this time in its entirety. I find motivation in the craziest things. Slipped once on the ice, sunburn on my head and neck and wore shorts and a short sleeve shirt for almost all the run, except on top of the peak as it was a tad bit windy. Used Taco bell as my aid station at mile 18. Crunchy beef burrito and pink lemonade YES. (GOOD RUN)

Prime rib sandwiches are really good, especially with extra horseradish (RANDOM)

I'm about to be the bad man who punted Baxter's owner, watch Anchorman if you don't get that reference. Two trail runs, three dogs molested and raped me. One tried to eat my face off, the other jumped up on me to play and almost tackled me and today the little yapping sheep herder dog, who got away from its owner covered me in mud. The lady thanked me for catching her runaway dog and told me to be careful, that part of the trail was muddy. NO, you don't say. Look at my legs and shorts lady, I'm covered in mud from your dog. Some humans are idiots. I like dogs, some owners, not so much. BTW, Those big signs that read "Dogs must be leashed" are present for a reason. Every owner thinks that his/her dog is the cutest and most well behaved dog EVER so I will now add this to the MY kids are not bad and I am really interested in hearing about the dream you had last night that will make no sense to me folder.(RANT)

pics are worth a thousand words. Has anyone taken a picture and then tried to describe it in a thousand words? (CHALLENGE)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Nice Rack

Run, snowboard, run, run and snowboard, that was my week.
March weigh in 164lbs. Winter pounds are coming off.
Hey Johnny, This is what I saw on my mid day run. They are dumb, I had to throw snowballs at them to get them off the trail.
Don't they look delicious, steaks, chops and burgers running through the woods.