Monday, March 5, 2012

Bad Run, Good Run, Random, Rant, Challenge

Skipped the Sunday Church of the holy trail run in Boulder and decided to run from the house to Bergen Peak(24 miles round trip). Made it to the Safeway(5 miles) and turned around. My left hamstring was tight and Ive been dealing with a nagging cough for a week, add that I felt unmotivated to hack my way up a mountain. This equals a (BAD RUN)

Got up early Monday morning and knocked out the same run as the day before but this time in its entirety. I find motivation in the craziest things. Slipped once on the ice, sunburn on my head and neck and wore shorts and a short sleeve shirt for almost all the run, except on top of the peak as it was a tad bit windy. Used Taco bell as my aid station at mile 18. Crunchy beef burrito and pink lemonade YES. (GOOD RUN)

Prime rib sandwiches are really good, especially with extra horseradish (RANDOM)

I'm about to be the bad man who punted Baxter's owner, watch Anchorman if you don't get that reference. Two trail runs, three dogs molested and raped me. One tried to eat my face off, the other jumped up on me to play and almost tackled me and today the little yapping sheep herder dog, who got away from its owner covered me in mud. The lady thanked me for catching her runaway dog and told me to be careful, that part of the trail was muddy. NO, you don't say. Look at my legs and shorts lady, I'm covered in mud from your dog. Some humans are idiots. I like dogs, some owners, not so much. BTW, Those big signs that read "Dogs must be leashed" are present for a reason. Every owner thinks that his/her dog is the cutest and most well behaved dog EVER so I will now add this to the MY kids are not bad and I am really interested in hearing about the dream you had last night that will make no sense to me folder.(RANT)

pics are worth a thousand words. Has anyone taken a picture and then tried to describe it in a thousand words? (CHALLENGE)

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Kim said...

Hey, I have left you off the Strange Dream #476 email from yesterday. It did involve Short and Kerns Mtn though. In a weird way.

I do seem to be able to run my 10K around the block without the interference of usually 7 loose farm dogs that need some human interaction.