Wednesday, January 25, 2012


When the moon hits your eye like a bigga pizza pie.
Small cobble stone streets, all the taxis are boats or gondolas. From the airport I took a water taxi to my hotel, which is directly in a piazza, glass blown trinkets, jewelry and art is every where.  Great views of the city and the squares.  Feeling run down so I used one day to rest.  Two blocks away from st. Marco square.  Delicious food everywhere, kids playing soccer, 
Took the euro rail to get to Rome. 

Bon jour

Just going to put it out in the open.  I loooooove traveling.  Airports, the people who I meet and the ppl  i get to watch.   French speaking women melt my heart, punch me in the face and call me smitten I guess.  Language of love yes I believe it to be true.  A couple of years ago I was ready to jump on a plane, fly to Paris   It is so romantic, glorious and wonderful.

Started this journey in Denver with a layover in Montreal Trudeu.  It is the small things that add up,   Air Canada has free movies/tv and the attendants are so friendly.  I chose to watch crazy stupid love and half of saving private ryan. The customs agent admired my beard. Surrounding myself with French speaking people, I am amazed at my comprehension of this foreign  language. Ate dinner at a trendy French restaurant in the airport.  The Bordeaux 2005 was exquisite.   The plane to france is huge, this is a first for me with many more firsts to come,, i have the entire row to myself which is a major bonus and watched "The Change Up" , " moneyball" Tomorrow  morning I wake up in Paris.  

Arrived in Paris around 8am and got to the hotel around 9 am. Couldnt check in but was able to drop off my luggage.  Headed to the Basillque  du sacre coure, a brassiere for lunch and a wonderful, delicious French restaurant for dinner.  Un carafe du vin rouge. Was hoping no one would  see me on CNN as I observed a Muslim protest regarding a new French law and women's headgear.  Cops and military in riot gear, slamming a guy from the press and a busload of protesters on their way to jail made for an interesting introduction to Paris.

Day two
Walked to the champs elyeese, Eiffel tower and a few more brassieres for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Got to see the tower all light up but did not go up it since it was cloudy and raining and the stairs were only open to the second level.  Tons of statues and detailed architecture.

Cultural differences that I noticed.  Fashion is king.  Most men are in suits, dress shoes.  Not to many people in tennis shoes and baseball hats are out.  The women dress sharp and professional as well as trendy. PETA would cry over the fur coats.  They are some stylish mofos.   Most shops close by 7 pm and an acceptable dinner time is around 8:30pm.

The food is wonderful

Off to Venice with a stop in Munich.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Extra spicy with a large side of red beans and rice.

Another birthday came and gone.  I don't feel 40 and what does being 40 mean. If I live to be 80, it means my life is half over.  Which will be the better half? 

Went to a-basin snowboarding.  Stopped by the Dam brewery in Dillon for a late lunch and played in the back yard on a homemade snowboarding jump that I made the previous day.  

Friday was a rest day
Got my a$& handed to me on a silver platter 
Awoke at 4 am and drove to Colorado springs for the Ponderous Posterior Fat Ass run. Roughly 32   miles of one of the hardest, ascetically pleasing, no whining no fee, no aid runs I've done.  The course was marked brilliantly. Did I mention it was pretty.  With views of pikes peak and trails through the garden of the gods, how could it not be.  
Why was it rough. Probably this climb which was at about mile 11.

What  sucked about this run.
1. I craved popeyes chicken as well as red beans and rice for hours 
2. I've had the hiccups for hours after the run.  This happens a lot since my homeostatic balance and immune system gets jacked up.  

It's on the list of runs for next year and hope to make a few training trips down that way in the coming months.  

Monday, January 9, 2012

Countdown to globality

Globality is a made up word I think.

Get here January 15 pretty please. That is when I leave. About to put this passport to some use.

Three days in Paris.  Better start studying my French.  From Paris, I fly to Venice for two days and then take the train to Rome for three days.  Rome to Florence for three days and then I fly to London for four days.  From London it gets kinda foggy, get it, foggy in London haha I do entertain myself but I digress.  I am debating on flying home( to Denver) or heading to Ireland for a few days.  Playing this by ear and seeing if I'm ready to be back in the states or continue my travels

Fun run today. Lair of the bear. 6 and change miles out on single track trail and back.  The north/east side facing trails were covered in snow, the rest slushy or dirt.  Good start to the week.  

Au Revior

Finally some snow

A friend sent me this so I thought I would share.

- A mountain is not a checkbox to be ticked
- Alpinism and mountaineering are not restricted to 14,000 foot mountains
- Judgment and experience are the two most important pieces of gear you own
- Being honest to yourself and others about your abilities is a
characteristic of experienced climbers
- Courage cannot be bought at REI or carried with you in your rucksack
~ The Baron Von Bergschrund

Saturday January 7 
Spent the morning snowshoeing up and around echo lake and then to my one of my favorite mexican cantinas Azteca in Idaho springs.  Then it snowed and I knew that Sunday I would have my board strapped to my feet.

Sunday January 8
Up and at em early, headed to Copper mountain to enjoy 8 inches of powder.  Big blue skies, snow white  sugary powder, sun shining.  Short lift lines as I think everyone stayed at home to watch football.  Life is great.  

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How to become a mountain man part one

as promised, Mountain man status and how you too can be as burly as me.

Before I start I must clarify that different categories of mountain men exist and these distinctions will be evident upon the conclusion of my little tid bits of knowledge and insider information regarding what I hope will become a series or when I run out of ideas to make up about this topic, which ever comes first.  Maybe this information will just disappear, leaving you wondering what happened, kind of like a mountain man would do. Searching for solitude and the next adventure, or to just chop a cord of wood or two.  

First break all your shaving equipment, in public with your bare hands.   This is best done at a party or gathering where you do not know anyone, Announcing  what you are going to become. In your best mountain voice.   No turning back now.  This act of raw mountain man aggression will serve a few purposes.  You are putting it out there.  It will also show these hipster party goers that you are not to be messed with.  Standing in a circle, with bleeding hands, howling at the moon.  That is what a mountain man would do.  

Jeremiah Johnson is now your spiritual guide.  Watch this movie over and over to learn and memorize his movements and demeanor. He will not let you down.  

Flannel shirts not in a Seattle early 80's grunge kind of way but in a lumberjack, casual miner kinda way.  Carhart pants work well for the image that we are going for and top it off with a good ole fashion trucker hat. Don't worry, with the right swagger, you will be able to pull it off.  These are only to be worn when descending from large mountains into small mountain towns to show everyone how much of a badass mountain man you are.  

If you are a little hungry, you should not order food.  Mountain men don't pick at salads, they order the largest thing on the menu and devour it as if they haven't had real meat in days.  No vegans allowed.  If you can order a turkey leg, eat it like the barbarian, bear wrestling man that you are.  Let the turkey juices run down your chin and don't use a napkin, that is why flannel is printed and not one color.  Gravy is not a condiment and should take the place of vegetables.  Mountain men don't converse or chat when they eat, they grunt or acknowledge by a tip of the cap or a nod of the head.  

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

You are either First or you suck

Not so fast. I am creating some hope for us yet.

A lot of energy has been placed in firsts. First white man to run this or that trail. First person to reach this or that peak. First person to horseback 10 miles, kayak three times around a pond and then walk backwards 22 steps, wearing yellow shorts with one shoe, for a new world record.   No one has done that before have they? So while i am  in the mood of  making  things up to be first in, I propose taking it to the next level.  This level is called NUMBER TWO  If you are "first" to complete a made up challenge, the next person completing this same awe inspiring,  I'm better than you feat must take it to the NUMBER TWO level and since I am "first" to propose the notion of a NUMBER TWO, do I need to one up myself right now?  Confused, me too.  
Allow me to provide an example. 
Bob,  as i will call him,  runs from one mountain top to the other in a time of xx:xx, Bill, as i will call him, wants to NUMBER TWO,his achievement.   he must run the same route but Bill decides to stab himself in the leg with an UNLEADED*pencil at the beginning of the run, beat Bobs time and at the conclusion of the run, Bill will then escape imminent GRAPHITE* poisoning by removing the Broken off piece of Pencil* imbedded in his thigh with a rusty spoon hence completing his NUMBER TWO of the first achievement. 

Who was the "first" to read this? Sorry you are slow,    
I'm already working on taking this to the NUMBER TWO level by rereading it blindfolded, You are welcome to try and  NUMBER TWO my achievement if you can.  
If you are still reading this, I apologize for not writing anything of value, No I don't because while you reading this drivel and nonsense, I was out NUMBER TWOing. 
Coming soon so Stay tuned as "Bill" tells you how to obtain mountain man status.

Monday, January 2, 2012

To do
Travel: go global
Run more:   MMT, Hardrock, Silverton challenge, stone steps 50k
Climb more and become a better snowboarder. 
Try something new every month of the year. 
connect more, love more, live more.... Go big, no regrets, no looking back.

Happy new year