Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Powder days, healing, marathon and a new bucket list

Spent more time snowboarding this year than last and have learned a few things this year just from going more.  The big jumps still scare me but I am spending more time and getting more confident on the medium ones.  I am still struggling with over rotating off the medium jumps when trying to land a backside 360. I'm good with grabs.    Falling still makes me sore.  I like powder days.
My left foot, specifically the tendon on top of the foot from my big toe to the base of my ankle has been jacked up for a few months now and logging miles have been slow and painful.  It is an excuse that I will hang my hat on.  If I wanted to fight through the pain I guess I could have but I didn't see the point.      Finally, it is pain free after many icy hot and ice sessions.
On very little training miles, I ran 7 minutes faster and slowed down after I knew I wouldn't break 4:59.  The Run Through Time Marathon is held during the weekend of daylight savings, hence the name.  The run starts in Salida CO, climbs 4,316 feet, most in the first half marathon and is all trail or dirt road.  Normally this run has beautiful views of the collegiate peaks, this year, not so much.  It started snowing early in the run and snowed most of the day.  The precipitation clouds were low and covered the views.   Finally a long run with little to no pain.  Tuesday(Today) I went snowboarding at Breck in 8 inches of powder and after the first run, my muscles loosened up and zero soreness.  This makes me smile.  Smiling is my favorite.
Bucket list addition:
Planning on climbing a fourteener in the winter (a first for me) next week.
Researching trips to Argentina for a late fall trip to play on one of the seven summits, here is the link.

Spend summer exploring the Colorado Trail and checking off sections.

The man who goes alone can start today; but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready." 
-Henry David Thoreau-