Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Lost weeks

December 9-11
The good:  spent a weekend in Cincinnati hanging out with some good friends that I haven't seen in awhile. (Arthurs, Tellers, UC VS Xavier game, Green Papaya). 

The bad:  while bounding up a flight of stairs like an epileptic cheetah, my foot slipped, missing the step.  The result a cracked/ BBQ'd  rib on my left side.  now I turn to my ice packets as if it were a crack pipe, focused on the tender region 978756 times daily, trying to fix this as fast as possible so I can get back to running.  I feel like a caged animal that can't sleep since every time I roll over on my side I get sharp pains that wake me from my restless slumber. Need I say this sucks.  

December 17
Eff this. My rib is killing me.  Tired of not coughing or sneezing.   I'm Having trouble putting on a pair of pants/socks/shirt and getting in and out of bed/car.  Cannot raise my arm, breathe, inhale and sleep.  Ice, heat, ice, heat repeat.  
Hung out at mill creek park with some of my running family for URINEO(Ultra Runners In NorthEast Ohio) Congrats to those who pushed his/her limits on the trails and the roads.  
Losey family Christmas. 
Talked a lot of nonsense to most of my family that I haven't seen in awhile.  That's what I  do.  
running update
Got in MMT 100  May 12-13, 2012. Very glad to be running on these two very specific dates.
December 20
Baby steps, I can finally feel my lung and am able to take a semi full breath, with movement of my rib cage.  
One entire year. Never saw that one coming.  Pretty insane how changes and decisions of other people mold and shape other people's future.   Craziness that pushed me to live a life I always wanted. Evaluating where i was and what i want, strengths VS weaknesses Running to the western sun and mountains in search of something and filling an unreplaceable void.  Safety in change I guess. 
December 21
Today was spent resting and icing. I am gaining more flexibility in my rib cage and am overwhelmed with boredom and insomnia.  
December 23
Took my nephew to see "we bought a zoo" good movie, two thumbs up, with my recommendation.  
December 24
Since I can't run, spent three hours this morning walking the roads of mill creek park. 
Started to feel like I was coming down with something, stuffy head, morning sore throat, runny nose but after a four hour nap, false alarm....booyah. 
December 25
Fun with the fam.  Made it through another year.  Miss you Stork.  Think about you often.  
Struggling with the fine line of try to run, not run and heal, when to push it and when to rest up.  
December 26
Spent the evening hanging out with some friends from college that were in town for the holidays.  
December 27
Oh lazy day, chilling in my forever lazy.    Sleeping most of the day, trying to insure I don't get sick. 
December 28
Went to the movies, saw Real Steel.
December 29
Indian food for lunch, packing up for my trip back home.  The bittersweet of leaving the family and going back home.  It's always great to spend time at my parents house.  Am definitely happy to head out of Ohio and back to the mountains. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Empire state of mind

Spent a weekend in NYC and the east village.  Lots of people in the big apple.  Thursday evening, i Met up with Tristan and Gina at Pravda, a cool, trendy vodka bar with all the pretty people.  After that we all headed to a roaming reggae/Rastafarian club to check out some dee jays.  
Friday:  ate lunch at a world famous vietnamese noodle restaurant, xian house and spent the early hours of the night at Sala, a wine bar near union square with  Tristan, Tamara, Carlie,and  Merrilyn  from there we headed back to east village for dinner at a french restaurant and to meet up with Joanna at my favorite,  the 7 street bar.  The service was awesome,  if you get the chance, go visit Nicole and tell her I sent you.  

Saturday:  spent most of the day walking around downtown, ate lunch at a really good western Chinese pho house and a late lunch at the excellent dumplings house in chinatown.  Road the subway back to the east village and then headed to a French restaurant that was run by French culinary school students.  Food was awesome.  From there I made my first trip to a hookah bar. 

Sunday:  yep, I'm retarded and it cost me $150.00..  I WANTED to fly home December 4th, I bought my ticket for February 4 th...... Dumb dumb dumb.  Oh well, whatever.
Got in Hardrock 100, that changes my training a ton.  Focused on not failing. A lot of people want my slot and I appreciate that i got one and hope to not squander my opportunity. 
Signed up for MMT #6 
Signed up for western states 100 
Confirmed my trip to Italy/europe in January.  

December:     Oh joy, I'll pass on this whole month. See you next year.