Tuesday, August 21, 2012

One night in Bangkok

Actually stayed in Bangkok for two weeks
The Thai people are very friendly. The food was awesome and everything is cheap.  Saw a few live, local musical shows at a local bar.  I’m amazed how quickly 5:30 am comes when you are in a club.  It never felt like I wasn’t sleeping a lot but then hey good morning to me. 

Enjoyed two cultural experiences which is short for tourist traps but both worth the visit. 
1.  Siam Niramit:  The must see show in Thailand and the stage is certified by Guinness world records  as the highest in the world.  Amazing costumes and music.  I was required to camera check  my camera on the way into the actual show so I was only able to get a few shots at the outside performances before the real show started but you get the idea.  

2.  The Floating Market:  The floating market is about 1hour and ½ outside of Bangkok.  You rent a boat and float through a number of waterways while being accosted by over zealous vendors.  Every price is negotiable.  Do it once and then you will never need to go back. 
Traffic jam

I used a cab driver that just happened to learn all his English from watching John Wayne movies and talks like john Wayne all the time.  He thought that I was a real live cowboy, since all cowboys live in Colorado. 

One night in Bangkok: 
Near the end of my time it got kind of old having so many ladies and lady boys try to molest me for a few dollars(baht)   Very sad that this is how they have to try to support their families. 
Next up Maylasia and Kuala Lumpur.