Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Empire state of mind

Spent a weekend in NYC and the east village.  Lots of people in the big apple.  Thursday evening, i Met up with Tristan and Gina at Pravda, a cool, trendy vodka bar with all the pretty people.  After that we all headed to a roaming reggae/Rastafarian club to check out some dee jays.  
Friday:  ate lunch at a world famous vietnamese noodle restaurant, xian house and spent the early hours of the night at Sala, a wine bar near union square with  Tristan, Tamara, Carlie,and  Merrilyn  from there we headed back to east village for dinner at a french restaurant and to meet up with Joanna at my favorite,  the 7 street bar.  The service was awesome,  if you get the chance, go visit Nicole and tell her I sent you.  

Saturday:  spent most of the day walking around downtown, ate lunch at a really good western Chinese pho house and a late lunch at the excellent dumplings house in chinatown.  Road the subway back to the east village and then headed to a French restaurant that was run by French culinary school students.  Food was awesome.  From there I made my first trip to a hookah bar. 

Sunday:  yep, I'm retarded and it cost me $150.00..  I WANTED to fly home December 4th, I bought my ticket for February 4 th...... Dumb dumb dumb.  Oh well, whatever.
Got in Hardrock 100, that changes my training a ton.  Focused on not failing. A lot of people want my slot and I appreciate that i got one and hope to not squander my opportunity. 
Signed up for MMT #6 
Signed up for western states 100 
Confirmed my trip to Italy/europe in January.  

December:     Oh joy, I'll pass on this whole month. See you next year.  

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