Sunday, November 27, 2011

Rivalry Saturday

November 26 2011

Watched the Ohio state vs Michigan game at the Allen house.  Food was great,  good to see and hang out with a lifelong friend.  Surrounding yourself with great people on a day when you miss someone seems to be great therapy.  This is my favorite Saturday of college football.  So many great games.  Almost comparable to march madness, almost. 
Adding to my to do list, attend a south Carolina VS Clemson @ Clemson football game. The gamecock crowing or cackling is annoying and I never liked spurrier as a coach. Alabama VS auburn would be pretty sweet as well.  

NBA don't care that you and the owners have come to a tentative agreement.  Should I be excited that you are going to start playing games on Christmas?  Nope

Running:  hamstring has been very tight since my ten miler at west branch so before I injure it any further, have taken two days off with only stretching.    I'll see how I feel tomorrow morning and then adjust my running schedule accordingly.  

1:35 pm ~~~~I hope your day was great

Go browns.

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