Thursday, November 3, 2011

So beast you don't even know

Spent the day running three sisters trail, elephant park, and buffalo park.  Excited that we found some flowing single track trails that lead up and around elephant butte with some great views and good climbs.  Ran into a local on horse back that explained how to get to the destination we were looking for. On top saw a large red fox with a bushy tail and the tip of the tail was pure white. I got pics but my iPad is is in a class with kids that dont read so good and won't let me upload them unless I write this blog on email and mail it to myself at blogger, which sounds like to much work. This now makes the route a huge circle instead of an out and back. Snow is ankle deep on the non sunny side of the mountains.  The last time I wore my road running shoes was July 29th during a run around Donner lake in California, that is so beast(a phrase the young kids are using these days) Legs feel like wet noodles, tomorrows run should be fun.

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