Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dry run

Wide awake at 3am. I guess my body still thinks it needs to stay up all Tuesday and into Wednesday.  This is the day that I use to do inventory for work and like clock work, every Tuesday I am wide awake. I would have thought that after 5 months of not working ( wow it's been that long) my body would have adjusted by now.  
Broke our upcoming Saturday run into four sections and on preliminary data collected today via gps and good old fashion math this is what I got.
First  section is evergreen mountain.
  1.27 miles to the top, 
1,010 feet of gain
 zero loss.  
Second section will be transitioning down evergreen mountain to the loop trail around elephant butte
1.93 miles 
337 feet gain
1,052 feet of loss
Third section is the loop Around elephant butte plus the spur to the top ( plan on doing this 9 times)
2.27 miles
944 feet gain
899 feet of loss
Fourth section is home 
2.77 miles 
431 feet of gain.

If I calculated correctly, our total miles would be 26.48 for a gain of 10,175 feet. Subject to change as abiding by the rules of a fat ass run.  
Saturday appears on paper to be a long day.  

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