Sunday, November 13, 2011

Rested legs=happy feets

Spent Friday struggling through a 7 mile run.  My legs were tired and my brain kept coming up with excuses to turn back.  Not a fun day for me on the trails. In the past this was my indicator that I was overtraining.  As Friday progressed, I wanted to redeem myself on Saturday.  Gung ho and ready to go I step out on the deck into an intense windstorm up to 100 mph.  Back into the house I go.  Bad weather does not bother me but this was insane.  Off to hang out in Boulder for the day, no run and a day of rest.  Yes.
Sunday. Lair o bear to Pence park.  13 miles with a small diversion to climb the panoramic trail and the meadow view trail. I  could breathe and my legs finally felt rested.  Nothing beats a fun run with happy feet.  cheers to a new week.  
The weatherman predicted 10-20 inches of snow, they  got 2 inches. How are  they off by that much?  Thanks for getting my hopes up, my snowboard is getting impatient and so am I.  

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