Wednesday, November 2, 2011

That's pretty neat

Had a fun hiking camping trip last weekend, scratched the idea of the Colorado trail due to logistics. Headed towards elephant park and the mt. Evans wilderness. Slept in a bivy on the ground, no tent. 20 ish degrees at night but was toasty warm.  Heard a pack of coyotes making all kind of noise at about 4am. Saw three grey foxes, two were rather large. Pack weight was about 30 lbs and my freeze dried dinner was only 6 years expired. It still tasted great.  Very windy. The whole trip was pretty neat.
No shave November, growing a beard.
Snow is falling again.  Awesome.
Last timed run of the year happened yesterday.  Now it is about building back a base and longer slow runs.
Hardrock 100 application is on it's way. Fingers crossed.
Just got better news about a friend who was diagnosed with cancer.
Lost a friend who was killed by a falling tree limb. Life is short.
Got an email from a friend who i haven't heard from for over a year.  Reconnecting is neat.
Removed my rocket box and bike rack from my car. Engine is clean and so is the inside. Time to trade it in and get a new one. 
Bought my plane tickets home for the holidays. Arrive in Ohio November 22 and will be back in Colorado December 31. Wow over a month. Looking forward to the turkey trot and some miles in mill creek park at URINEO FA( Ultra Runners In North East Ohio fat ass)

Give it a looky see.

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