Monday, January 9, 2012

Countdown to globality

Globality is a made up word I think.

Get here January 15 pretty please. That is when I leave. About to put this passport to some use.

Three days in Paris.  Better start studying my French.  From Paris, I fly to Venice for two days and then take the train to Rome for three days.  Rome to Florence for three days and then I fly to London for four days.  From London it gets kinda foggy, get it, foggy in London haha I do entertain myself but I digress.  I am debating on flying home( to Denver) or heading to Ireland for a few days.  Playing this by ear and seeing if I'm ready to be back in the states or continue my travels

Fun run today. Lair of the bear. 6 and change miles out on single track trail and back.  The north/east side facing trails were covered in snow, the rest slushy or dirt.  Good start to the week.  

Au Revior


Comrade Slim said...

Was is los?
Nicht mit Guten Tag?
Nicht mit Auf Widersan?


Gehen ze Deutschland and drinken ze Beer.
Ist gute mine comrade.
Sur Gute.

Bill said...

Danke Ich werde wenige Stunden lang in M√ľnchen sein

Ich werde Bier trinken