Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bon jour

Just going to put it out in the open.  I loooooove traveling.  Airports, the people who I meet and the ppl  i get to watch.   French speaking women melt my heart, punch me in the face and call me smitten I guess.  Language of love yes I believe it to be true.  A couple of years ago I was ready to jump on a plane, fly to Paris   It is so romantic, glorious and wonderful.

Started this journey in Denver with a layover in Montreal Trudeu.  It is the small things that add up,   Air Canada has free movies/tv and the attendants are so friendly.  I chose to watch crazy stupid love and half of saving private ryan. The customs agent admired my beard. Surrounding myself with French speaking people, I am amazed at my comprehension of this foreign  language. Ate dinner at a trendy French restaurant in the airport.  The Bordeaux 2005 was exquisite.   The plane to france is huge, this is a first for me with many more firsts to come,, i have the entire row to myself which is a major bonus and watched "The Change Up" , " moneyball" Tomorrow  morning I wake up in Paris.  

Arrived in Paris around 8am and got to the hotel around 9 am. Couldnt check in but was able to drop off my luggage.  Headed to the Basillque  du sacre coure, a brassiere for lunch and a wonderful, delicious French restaurant for dinner.  Un carafe du vin rouge. Was hoping no one would  see me on CNN as I observed a Muslim protest regarding a new French law and women's headgear.  Cops and military in riot gear, slamming a guy from the press and a busload of protesters on their way to jail made for an interesting introduction to Paris.

Day two
Walked to the champs elyeese, Eiffel tower and a few more brassieres for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Got to see the tower all light up but did not go up it since it was cloudy and raining and the stairs were only open to the second level.  Tons of statues and detailed architecture.

Cultural differences that I noticed.  Fashion is king.  Most men are in suits, dress shoes.  Not to many people in tennis shoes and baseball hats are out.  The women dress sharp and professional as well as trendy. PETA would cry over the fur coats.  They are some stylish mofos.   Most shops close by 7 pm and an acceptable dinner time is around 8:30pm.

The food is wonderful

Off to Venice with a stop in Munich.

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