Saturday, January 14, 2012

Extra spicy with a large side of red beans and rice.

Another birthday came and gone.  I don't feel 40 and what does being 40 mean. If I live to be 80, it means my life is half over.  Which will be the better half? 

Went to a-basin snowboarding.  Stopped by the Dam brewery in Dillon for a late lunch and played in the back yard on a homemade snowboarding jump that I made the previous day.  

Friday was a rest day
Got my a$& handed to me on a silver platter 
Awoke at 4 am and drove to Colorado springs for the Ponderous Posterior Fat Ass run. Roughly 32   miles of one of the hardest, ascetically pleasing, no whining no fee, no aid runs I've done.  The course was marked brilliantly. Did I mention it was pretty.  With views of pikes peak and trails through the garden of the gods, how could it not be.  
Why was it rough. Probably this climb which was at about mile 11.

What  sucked about this run.
1. I craved popeyes chicken as well as red beans and rice for hours 
2. I've had the hiccups for hours after the run.  This happens a lot since my homeostatic balance and immune system gets jacked up.  

It's on the list of runs for next year and hope to make a few training trips down that way in the coming months.  

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