Thursday, March 29, 2012

spare some change

The painful process of change. I think pulling teeth or toenails is a good comparison. For years and years and a few more years I have always been a PC guy. The stepping stone for change was laid with the purchase of my iPad. Baby steps into the world of Apple, dipping my toe in the murky waters of the abyss. but just like everything else I do, most to some sort of an extreme. The far and off distant showed promise and hopes of grand things to come. With every interaction from help desk, IT and most recently what I call the run around the refusal to take ownership, I was pushed to jump in my car, drive to the Boulder apple store and purchase this wonderful, beautiful piece of technology that I now call MY Macbook Pro. This transformation should have taken place years ago but a fault to my personality and how I am wired is to hold on way to long. If I were a dog, some would call me loyal. I'm working on letting go sooner than later but I cannot fathom companies that do not 1. stand behind their products and B. fix something they should and can fix. With that said, Hewlett Packard, you have now joined the likes of General Motors vehicles on my personal black list. Will I make a dent in these huge major corporations, Absolutely not, but it makes me happy not spending my sweet moulah on them.
I digress.
Ran in Boulder this evening for the Thursday HHR(Happy Hour Run). About six miles at the base of the flatirons and then to Sherpas for some great Himalayan food with some great peoples. This equals Awesome
The guy doing downward dog and other private yoga poses in the park. not awesome, do that at home please.
The lady laying out near him. Awesome.
BTW. DROID is at full strength. iPhone, not going to get crazy.


ultrarunnergirl said...

Happy Hour Run. It's like WUS!

Himalayan food ... yum.

Bill said...

just like WUS is right. You WUSsers have set the bar high with gracing the back page of Ultrarunning Mag. I got to step my game up. Sherpas is so, so good. The have a patio and i can gaze upon all things Boulder.