Friday, April 6, 2012

weekly happenings

Had big plans for a lots of miles this week but plans are subject to change. After a much needed rest day on Tuesday, I went to Keystone snowboarding on Wednesday. The snow was Ok in the early morning and then got really slushy as it warmed up to 55 degrees. This is a first for me. On a mountain, snowboarding in a t-shirt. Feeling like a boss, I headed to the terrain park. Second box that I tried a board slide on, I caught an edge, landed on my ass, smashed my left rib hit it hard enough to shatter my mp3 screen. Smashed my left hand....again. Damn and ouch. Decided to leave the rails and boxes alone and went to the jumps. Launching myself off one of the hits, Looked good flying through the air. Landed horrible and not so graceful. I was having a rough day Balance was def off. Decided to get off this mountain as fast as possible before I broke something. Hanging up the snowboarding for the year.
for the year: 18 days on the mountain strapped to my board
210,918 vertical feet
Still sore after 9 miles today on some new trails in the Mt. Evans Wilderness. This trail system, once I learn them, will open a vast amount of long runs with tons of climbing. Looking at the maps, I will be able to link these trails to Mt. Evans and Bierstadt both 14ers.

New growth after a burn

Leg of Elk. MMMMMMMM delicious



Slim said...

We are lucky with the Blue Sky days we have had lately in OHIO.

Keep up with the notes, I enjoy them.

Bill said...

i've gotten used to my blue bird days here. pretty amazing that it is almost everyday.
See you in few weeks.

ultrarunnergirl said...

Sorry about the untimely death of your mp3 screen ... glad you didn't break anything!

mmm, elk jerky ... reminds me of Bighorn.