Thursday, April 26, 2012

it's the new style

a new approach to my old blog, updating daily in the form of drafts but posting when I have written enough gibberish and nonsense that is sufficient to be deemed blog worthy. We shall see how long that lasts. Monday: Legs are tired so I didn't do much in the way of working out/running etc. Cleaned up my life, Cleaned up my clothes and changed my bike chain on my mountain bike. In the future, I need to make sure that the chain goes through the derailer correctly before I link the chain back together. 1 & 1/2 hours later, my simple project was completed and my mountain bike is rolling with a new chain. whoop, whoop. Tuesday: I met Maggie in the town of Idaho springs for a 13 mile ride UP to echo lake (3,056 ft climb) on tired legs. I was pitiful, slow and downright sad. Legs are still trashed. Going down (3,056 ft descent) Fast and a wee bit chilly. Maxed out at 41 mph and on skinny tires feels effing fast. The pro riders have some skills and balls, since they are going a lot faster than that. Good ride overall but I'm going to listen to what my body is screaming at me. YOU NEED ANOTHER REST DAY. Only Slacklining tomorrow. Wednesday: Studying for my Dive certification all day and filling out all of the necessary paperwork for my class this weekend. Running. NAH. teeter tottering on a two week taper. This might drive me a little insane. Long runs are done, now just keeping mentally focused, playing the sections over in my mind and figuring out what to bring. on a side note: Been looking into getting Lasik surgery done, if I can, in the next few weeks(after MMT, before Hardrock 100). Reasons: 1. tired of buying new glasses 2. tired of wearing glasses and scratching my lenses 3. much better for scuba diving/snowboarding/running. 4. Want to wear real sunglasses because the skies in CO are so blue and sunny. 5. Why not? 6. so I can buy designer eyewear, just to be a hipster, with no purpose but to accentuate my cheekbones. haha whatever and kidding of course but no for real, "hey filthy fresh white guy, I love your rec specs" in the deepest sexiest Barry White voice I can muster. "why thank you for the compliment my dear, I wear these just for you" That would be downright just plain sweetness. Questions before I commit 1. it is a laser surgery in my eyes, I would much rather see than be blind from a botched surgery 2. How will this procedure effect my eyes during running, at night, with a headlamp, when i am tired? 3. How will it effect my vision on high mountain peaks. In the cold/when I play outside for long periods of time? 4. How long will recovery take? 5. While you are in their, messing with my eyeballs, can you change the color of my pupils to Red so I will look like a demon in every pic that is taken and people will think that his/her camera is messed up? Thursday: My wonderful great news today is that my left riblets are 97.4523% healed and i can barely feel the small twinge of pain from when I performed an implantation on them with the hard plastic of my mp3 whilst snowboarding. Pre acrobatic mishap, I was in a three day groove with my Ab workouts. I was eating, reading, driving and sleeping in the plank positions, sit-ups in the waiting line of the post office and grocery store, leg lifts in the library and shower, only about two years away from becoming an abdominal muscles model for Hollister and Abercrombie and fitch. I was a machine. My weeks long hiatus and setback has taken its toll, all that prep work for not. That hill is to big to conquer and I am sad to say that I may never obtain that status and have now set my sights on late night modeling for juicers, food sealers, george foreman grills or ab roller informercials. Oh and I ran 5 miles today. sorry no photos, wasn't feeling very genic


Kim said...

See you soon. Lunch in Front Royal maybe with the NEO TC bunch?

Bill said...

Jaliscos is my guess.