Monday, April 23, 2012

Week revisited(Mt. Evans)

Wonderful, fun week. I had a solid, solid 7 mile run on the Evergreen Mountain course on Monday. Don't really remember how Tuesday went but I'm sure it was super fly. Spent Wednesday in Boulder and a run up the famous Green mountain and then backyard Slack lining with my climbing boys from Boulder and a late night viewing of Team America. Friday Bob and I were dropped off at Echo lake and hiked the road up to Summit lake park. The last mile was brutal. Very windy and cold. On the way up, we saw three mountain goats.
We took shelter at the climbers hut. The window was broken out and the door must of opened during a recent storm. These are some pics of were we slept.
Day 2 The next morning, we continued our hike to the top of Mt. Evans(14,265 ft) in windy, cold conditions but blue, sunny skies. Three more mountain goats on the way up. They taunt me with their mountain climbing skills.
We set up our camp site in a burned down visitors center to try and break the wind. Below are a few pics of where we slept and how windy it gets up top. The observatory had its roof blown off. Sleep was very hard to come by and at times in the night the wind was picking me up, while in my sleeping bag and bivey sack, and moving me. I had to pee so bad but was afraid that if I got up out of my sleeping bag that all my gear would blow off the mountain. Not very fun holding it for 6 hours. The gazillion stars were bright, vibrant and right in my face. The Denver glow was an awesome visual as a back drop for my own private artistic masterpiece. If you have never spent time high upon a mountain away from the city lights at night, I suggest at sometime in your life you get to experience such grand views, Amazeballs.
Day 3 Got an early start to a long day. Descended Mt. Evans and climbed Rosalie peak(13,575 ft), Bandit peak(12,444 ft) and pegmatite points(12,227 ft) and headed East on ridges, through saddles and up over peaks. Their was a sense of adventure, following a map, not knowing were I was and how long it would take to get back home. Putting the Wild in Wilderness. Scree fields and the north face snow fields slowed us down. I got frustrated post holing through knee deep snow and wanted to sit down and wait for all the snow to melt. Eventually, we got to the Cub creek trail. More snow. The views were great but I was not having a good time, cutting up my legs and freezing my feet. Irritated, I wanted this adventure to be over. We Keep pushing and eventually, the snow disappeared as we got lower in elevation. Happy Bill is back as the last few miles are on roads to arrive back at the house some thirteen hours later. Worn out, feet and legs sore but soul refreshed and mentally recharged. Below looking back at the Sawtooth
from Rosalie peak
snow chute
Three days 7,000 ft plus of climb 10,000 ft plus of descent. about 40 miles. 2 cold and frozen feet. What will next weekend hold?


Slim said...

Living the Dream.

Kim said...

Getting it done.

ultrarunnergirl said...

Damn. You are tough as nails. No frostbite, I hope! Pretty amazing winds that took off that roof, geez!