Thursday, July 4, 2013

Toughest, Tougherrrrr, downright tough or hard

While surfing the inter webs and all things Googles and the like, I notice a trend in regards to trail runs, ultras and Epic adventures about anything.  It is a small word but the meaning carries an oh so scary thought.  The word for the day is Tough.  It is used in terms of regions, toughest in Shelby county, Toughest in the east,south, west, north,  Toughest in the U.S. Toughest in the entire world.  Toughest ever and you will probably die and should never even think of doing anything remotely close to this impossible whatever feat.
1. Who decides that?
2.  How do you know if it will be tough for me?

I know the psyche of an individual is drawn to great human endeavors that appear like no one could ever accomplish a finish and I know it is a marketing ploy to attract idiots like myself to try something that is so tough that I will have to be at my toughest but I think it is played out.  Maybe I should just toughen up and not let it bother me or maybe I am not capable of this type of Grit,  grittiness or grittier behavior.  That is all, carry on.


Kim said...

My least favorite term (way overused in NEO) is "bad ass."

Fitz Cahall, in the "Dirtbag Diaries" did a nice job on a segment called "What is Hardcore". Actually, it is Brendan Leonard who wrote the segment.

Bill said...

Agreed, If it is truly bad ass, you don't even have to say it.