Wednesday, September 19, 2007

roads suck

Ran my normal Ault park loop which from my house and back is 5.2 miles. I have no idea how long and at what pace since I didn't have a watch on or time this run. I stopped wearing a watch when running roads around my house since I tend to get to caught up with time and run harder than I should which leads me to injury. I will only time myself once a month to gauge speed and see were I'm at fitness wise.
During my run, I was thinking about two young ladies that work for me who have downs syndrome. I hired both about a year ago and these two ladies are on time to work, show up everyday they are scheduled and always have an awesome attitude. The more I thought, the more I started getting irritated at the people who call off work for any hangnail, toothache, and stubbed toe. It is a shame that "healthy" human beings do not have the work ethic and attitude of my two young ladies that bring their A game everyday.
Anyways, by the end of the run I was no longer irritated and felt strong hammering up and down some hills.


Anonymous said...

Bill - people complain way to much and often have no idea what real problems are!

Bill said...

I agree.

Selena said...

Keep up the good work.