Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bear 100 DNF

So, I chalked up a Did Not Finish:
The whole story is this. I got to CVG airport a few hours early, got standby on an earlier flight and had hopes to arrive in Chicago early for dinner. I sat on the plane for about three hours since Chicago was experiencing bad weather and we were "wheels down." Headed for takeoff and another hour delay. Being the laid back traveler that I have become, just another bump in the road. I knew Chicago would be backed up so I didn't even worry about my connection. Quiznos burnt my sub and made me another one. Onward and upward to Salt Lake City. Arrived a few hours late and met a friend,Bob Combs, who saw that I would be delayed and decided to nap, read at the baggage carousel that my luggage would be arriving. Touchdown in SLC and off we go to Enterprise rent a car. CLOSED. We found a comfortable spot underneath some stairs, unpacked some camping gear(sleeping bags, z-rest, makeshift pillows) and got to bed around 1am. We were rudely awaken by a cleaning lady around 7:30 am whom I think she thought we were homeless. She launched a chair towards our general resting place and was yelling at us to get up and that we weren't allowed to be sleeping there. Funny since she wasn't going to clean that area anyways. We saw her in the same area on the return flight.
Enterprise: These salesman crack me up. We let them know of the inconvenience and sleeping in the terminal. They tried to sell us an upgrade. We insisted that the upgrade should be free since no one was present to greet us(the closer left a few minutes early). I had reserved an economy car and he agreed to upgrade us for our troubles. Corolla. While we are doing a walk around of the car(dents, etc) Bob asks what car we would have gotten if we would have gotten the economy? Oh, we don't have any here. Nice, we would have gotten the corolla anyways. This is why they crack me up. Do they think all patrons are stupid? I did appreciate his selling technique and we made up for that later. Kicked around Salt Lake City for a day and hit up some gear shops(patagonia outlet, REI and Black Diamond). Headed to Park City, hiked a few trails with grand views, Idaho, tacos, prerace check in and found a camping spot at the start.
The RUN:
Awesome trails, wonderful views, great volunteers, low key-let's keep it that way, tons of studs, ran through a controlled forest burn and the potato soup at 13 miles was great. I know this since this is were I wanted to stop.
If you have ever had a bad day at work, multiply it by let's say 3 and this is where and why I wanted to stop. My run sucked. Everything around me was beautiful and I was being a bitch. Not in the womanly sense just done. Thinking things would get better, you push on. Had an ok spell going out of the 13 mile aid station for about a few miles and back into the funk. This is the first run that I could care less whether I finished or not. I don't know where I got it, maybe my nonchalant approach to a hard 100, maybe life, maybe mentally I was done before I started. maybe this was just hard. I am a predominately happy runner. I could care less who passes me, I rarely race against individuals, only me, the course and as fast as I can go on a given day. On this day I tried everything. I tried to get pissed at people who passed me as a means to motivate me to some form of uprising. Nothing, nada zilch, Zip to mile 66. The big fork, stick it in me and turn it. I am done. Hell, I was done before it started and o the relief.

I digress.

Ate more tacos, enjoyed seeing running friends, watched the awards ceremony and cheered for the finishers.
Happy trails


Alee said...

When you say, "lots of studs," do you mean, lots of hot guys, lots of trees, or lots of male deer looking for mates? I'm confused.


Bill said...

elite, very fast runners.

Kim said...

Bill, I really respect you as a runner, and I was curious what had happened to you out there. It's nice to know you have bad days's just too bad this happened at your 100!

Bill said...

Thanks Kimba.
For me, it is hard to run when my head isn't in it.