Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Thank goodness the holiday season is over. Work gets crazy around the holidays and now I can get back to running routines, less hours at work and a great 2008. Happy New year everyone!!!!
Been getting some junk miles around the roads with some up tempo stuff mixed in but hit the trails today.
Got waitlisted for The Barkley Marathons and just mailed my Hardrock 100 application(Waitlisted that last two years) so maybe just maybe I get lucky in 2008. Time will tell.
Heading to Virginia next weekend for MLK training week. Back to Back to Back long days in the MMT 100 mountains. Always a good time with great people.

Bring on the mountains, these roads suck.


Josh said...

I think it's time for your February post! When are we going to hit the Mt. Airy trails together?

Josh said...


I'm planning on being at Mt. Airy for 25 on saturday and sunday, Stone Steps course, if you care to join.

Alee said...

Bill, when are you going to update? I know you've had adventures!!