Thursday, December 20, 2007

AH December

So after signing up and getting into MMT 100, It is time to start running again. After a week hiatus in November and the first week of December, I am currently building up my mileage and have added a weekly spin class, stair stepper and treadmill walking into the mix. I am fairly confident that the spin class and treadmill will help me on the climbs of the upcoming runs that I have planned or at the very least, I'm burning some calories. Happy holidays!!!!


Josh said...

Man, you go two months without posting, then post two things in two days!
When are we going to do some running out at Mt. Airy together? Stone Steps is only 10 months away, we're going sub 5.

Bill said...


Heading home for the holidays Saturday and when I get back we can plan something. Mt. Airy is wet, and slippery. The leaves make the trail fun. I ran there on Tuesday!!! Fell two times, covered in mud, cold and smiling ear to ear. DAMN straight sub 5. WAHOO

Kim said...

Hey, finally someone else using the stair climber/stepper thingy.

I have this at my gym and LUV it. Is this good MMT training? (If I can't get on good old rocks)

Bill said...


I use the treadmill to help me walk at a faster pace and set the incline around 10-13%. Try to maintain a fast walk for as long as I can. To switch it I play on the climber. These are good in their own right but should not take the place of actual running miles. My best hundred was when I incorporated all of the above as well as road cycling when I felt beat up.
To get good on rocks, just put pebbles in your shoes but not our little pebble!!!

Brian said...

That's right.. don't mess with Little Pebble!