Sunday, June 1, 2008

life, wisdom and smelly toenails

How about a real blog for once?

See title and relate as you will.

Ran and finished MMT 100. Glad I finished, happy for a three hour PR on the course, am capable of a faster time. I had a lot of issues that I worked through and am very proud of my finish.

Wisdom toothless a few days after the run and have been loopy ever since. 4 wisdom teethless later and the oxycodones are almost gone which means I should be back to normal very shortly. Not so much. Describe normal and how I can relate. I just bought three tickets to the New kids on the block concert in Cleveland. I think if my wits and wisdom teeth were still about me, I would have never been hoodwinked. Damn the lil sisters and their obsession with boy bands. Damn be to reunion tours.

On a more refreshing note, I just ripped off my big toenail on my left foot and smelled it. Guess what??? just like a belly button. Who knew?

Awesome note as I ate lunch at subway today.

The subway that I go to near work is owned by Indians (from India). I enjoy, laugh and almost choke to death as I listen to customers ordering his/her sub. They think that if they yell louder the poor, stupid immigrant will understand AMERICAN CHEESE and LETTUCE. This one lady yelled OLIVES twice and the poor little immigrant india terrorist politely said I don't think any more OLIVES will fit on your sub, I've put them on twice.

no wonder the world thinks we are stupid AMERICANS.

Leave Thursday for San Diego(Whales vagina) Running the San Diego 100. fingers crossed and wish me luck. Can't spell fun without FU.


Brian said...

Nice job at MMT and have fun getting dirty with Catra this weekend!

Slim Dog said...

Bout time you posted again. I was close to giving up.

This is almost as funny as one of Moose's e-mails.

How much caffeine was involved?

Bill said...

Thanks Little Pebble.

Slim. Don't give up on me. No caffeine just some really good drugs.

Judi said...

Bill, you should have ate that toenail.

Anonymous said...

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