Sunday, June 22, 2008

San Diego 100

Flew to San Diego.
Got picked up at the airport by my friend Bob
Chilled at pizza port-A girl told me I was sexy.
Hung out in La Jolla cove(awesome)
Met Bill Ramsey and drove to the Run
Saturday: Ran and sang songs to myself.
Sunday: walked, saw a rattlesnake, heard coyotes howling and suffered in the heat. Threw up everything I ate and shot lentil beans out my nose. When I wasn't throwing up I enjoyed a good dry heave. Got sunburned, blisters and dehydrated, finished 100 miles and got a belt buckle.
Hung out in Coronado and ate a chimichanga while enjoying a margarita(delicious)
Flew home.

Recovering for "Hardrock 100"

Runnable course, great volunteers, nice race t-shirt and well organized.
Second hundred of the year!!!


ERIN said...

You go Bill Losey!!! You inspire me! Sparkles~

Brian said...

Nice run Shubi!

Sue said...

I almost snarfed red wine out my nose reading your post.

You rock. :p

Josh said...

See you at Germantown on Saturday!

Josh said...

So...You call Krissy yet?