Tuesday, September 6, 2011


September 04-05

Big head Todd and the monsters 
"All life is, is really just a circle."

Beep, look up, check miles, check pace, subtract what was left to do and repeat.  

This was my first attempt at a 48 hour run, located in Silverton CO.  The course consisted of a 1 mile, all trail loop. 250 feet of elevation loss/gain per loop, switching directions every six hours  A huge circus tent was the start finish area.  A run within many runs.   A 1,000 mile challenge, a 6 day, 72 hour, 48 hour and 24 hour run  and by Sunday morning, all runners were out making loops.  Every runner wore an anklet computerized chip and we crossed over a mat that recorded the miles.  What was really cool about the run was the results were projected onto the tent wall.  Beep, look up like a salivating dog as the screen showed my reward. One nice and slow mile.  Winner for a split second.  On to the next loop.  
Started my run day with a chai latte and a breakfast burrito from the avalanche coffee shop( love that place). Run started at 9am, took off faster than normal and lead the run for the first 40 miles.  Went to bed around 10 pm and got a full nights sleep.  
Day two
Started the day with a chai latte and a breakfast burrito from the avalanche coffee shop(love that place). Oh the irony of repetition. Four people passed me while I slept.  
My milestones and what I thought about while running.
60 miles to go.
40 miles run equals bed time
50 miles halfway and every step from here on out is "Downhill"
69 miles only a 50k left
71 miles  if I was running the ring, I'd be done right now.  
74 miles less than marathon to go
81 miles. I'm in the teens of mileage left
91 single digits left

I only have to climb this hill 26 ,25 ,24 etc more times.

Two runners from Marshal were running together and every time I passed them I would tell them the start of a joke,  never the ending. 
"two guys walk into a bar, ok see you next lap" 
Next lap
" what is green and yellow and, ok see you next lap"
These turned to songs.
Me:Hey Jeremy  and Zach do you want to have the best lap of the night? 
Them: Sure Bill
Me: who let the dogs out
Them: you bastard, payback is coming
They got me back with tainted love the next lap.

Near the end Jeremy and I spent a few laps together chatting about we are marshal, west Virginia,  women, the coast guard (who was kind enough to let him out of Irene clean up to run) his running days at western states and the university of Oregon etc.  These miles flew by since 97% of the run I was by myself.

Didn't think I would like a one mile loop course or a hours event but it was great to get the miles in with 25,000 feet of elevation loss/gain. It didn't seem monotonous, didn't have to pack drop bags, carry big packs or plan for weather. The stress of normal hundreds did not apply.  Run when you want to break when you want to. I only threw up twice at sunrise the second day.  I would like to think the sunrise was so beautiful that I couldn't help myself but the real reason I continue to struggle with my nutritional and calorie intake.  

Congrats and kudos to the Combs family for cranking out some good miles.  

Many thanks to Rodger Wrublick, Nick and Jamil Coury for putting on great event. Definitely on my to do list next year, might even bump it up to 72 hours

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Paul, Brenna, Jack and Molly said...

My two miles felt like your 100.... but I had Rosco with me. You need a Rosco.