Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pain in my ass

September 27

Ran 11 miles in Evergreen with Bob, found some awesome new trails. Lots of good climbing.  Surprised that a two week stay in Ohio feels like I'm starting the altitude acclimation all over again.  Piriformis pain is back.  Spent the night stretching, sitting on a tennis ball and rolling my ass muscles around the ball.  Felt like I was going to pass out.  I'm sure trying to keep up with the young kids football team that I'm coaching didn't help.  

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Paul, Brenna, Jack and Molly said...

I am super sorry to hear about your pain in the ass (foam roller, cross leg, roll that side of the bum on the foam roller, straighten leg then roll all the way down to the ankle, killer but it helps me get up everyday without pain). If I ever come to Colorado I'm coming just to see you coach a boys football team. I will come in fan colors and a megaphone. BethAnn will come with a cheerleading outfit. No joke. :)