Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Volunteering at the Great American Beer festival.  Awesome.  I was stationed in island "E" which was considered the Midwest. Rock bottom Cleveland and cincinnati. We served one ounce of beer in small little tasting cups. The people I got to work with were great. 433 brewers, 49,000 people attended.    My friend Massie came in from C-bus which means the party would not disappoint, she doesn't allow it.  
Freshcraft,  pedal cab races through downtown Denver.
Falling rock tap house, Denver Chophouse, getting to meet the brewers of three floyds, back to falling rock. 
Qoute worthy
"Look at those calves, makes me want to lick honey off of them"
" you smell like fried pickles and shame".

Which has intrigued me to look into becoming a pedicab operator. Ride a bike all day. That wouldn't be so bad.

If you like beer, it is a must go to.

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