Wednesday, October 26, 2011

She's the cheese and I'm the macaroni

Flew into CVG(Cincinnati Very Good) on Friday and arrived in time to head to the Colerain VS. hamilton football game with sweaty Bob and his wife.  In seven years, never went to one high school game in what I consider, the second best place for high school football behind Warren of course.  After the game, Bob and I were birthday crashers at pebble creek golf course, couldn't find a wedding on a Friday night.
Saturday: played 18 holes of golf at Miami whitewater, went out to eat and went to a Halloween barn party with live music and games for the kids with about two hundred other people.  
Sunday:  Stonesteps 50k.  The goal was to go out a little slower and try to pick up some time on the last few loops, which I stuck to that plan but after two bathroom breaks, I knew I wouldn't be able to PR and enjoyed running with Brian, Kyle and  Gregg.  You would have thought we were teenage girls as we  chatted and giggled but it made for some easy miles.  279.61704 miles accumulated on that course excluding training runs.
Spent the next few days in covington Ky hanging out, got to eat at Tim + Chee for lunch( grilled cheese)  keystone(best mac n cheese anywhere sorry Mom) a stop at Arthurs( fried cheese) and played trivia at MLTs.  Best team name from trivia was "my couch pulls out, I don't" I think they came in last. Back in Colorado before the snow fell and planning my next adventure, which appears to be the start of the Colorado trail, starting this Saturday, weather dependent.

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