Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Grand Canyon 2011

October 9 2011

Hung out in Durango before heading to the big ditch, lost my phone and left my credit card at a restaurant before meeting up with Megan and Connie.  Drove to our campsite on Saturday, set up camp, got dinner and talked with the rangers regarding water and trail conditions.  Went to bed early Saturday night and got up at 5am to start our descent into the canyon around 5:30am.  It was a cold night and a chilly morning.  We started from South Kaibab down to phantom ranch, It warmed up fast.  If you want a steak dinner at the bottom of the canyon, it is only $42.00.  I hung out at blue ribbon falls, soaked in the stream, saw a snake(dont know what kind but got a pic) and scared the group hiking behind me as i jumped and squeled like a little girl.  I hate snakes.  The lemonade(four glasses and a water bottle filled) quenched my thirst and the summer sausage provided me enough energy for a long slow climb out from the bottom. Only saw one other person the seven miles or so back up south Kaibab with a full moon  The Colorado river was muddy unlike my last trip to the bottom, in which it was a bright green  Famished and starving we headed to the cafeteria for a turkey dinner and then a two dollar shower which was wonderful.  Heard a few elk bugle  and coyotes howling very close to our campsite.  The colors of the canyon are breathtaking as is the climb.  I guess that is why they call it grand

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