Friday, October 21, 2011

One week catch up

Took care of some everyday life things over the past week, paid some bills picked up mail, laundry etc. .  Life is pretty simple. Had three decent runs. Hung out at the stagecoach bar and grill and watched the browns lose( nothing new) and went to little bear on Monday night to watch football.  Excited to head to Cincinnati for stonesteps 50k number 9 .  Only one more after Sunday and I can pull the plug on this streak.  Not that I don't want to run more but since I am now calling Colorado my home, I don't see myself coming back to Ohio for a 50k.  Plus 10 of anything is a nice stopping point. For example; Ten day, month, year relationship, ten tacos, ears of corn, beers, etc. All seem appropriate. Now eleven of any of those, that just seems excessive to me.  Been researching new cars and will buy one when I get back to CO from Ohio.  Narrowed it down to three not in any particular order.  Subaru, Volvo and Audi.  On a side note, I wish people would spare me his/her political bullshit right and left wing on facebook. I don't care that you hate Obama or love the GOP, or vice versa. I research who I vote for on my own and just because your church, union, chess club tells you to vote for this person or that does not mean I have to. Proud of you for copying what someone else wrote and making it your own. If I want your opinion, I'll ask. Educate yourself and stop being such a follower of the blind. Ok my box of soap has toppled.

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