Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Decision time

Met with a Lasiks doctor to see if my eyeballs fit this procedure. My left eye is to bad for Lasiks but I can get what is called a Clear Lens exchange (CLE) The surgeon will make a small incision in my eyeball, destroy my original, born with lens and replace it with a new one that my eye will grow around. The right eye can undergo Lasiks and then I won't have to wear glasses and my vision will be close to 20/20. Sounds easy enough and only takes about ten to fifteen minutes to complete. The price for my left eye is $2,400 and my right eye will be $999. What to do? Is this worth not wearing glasses? What if they screw up? Do I REALLY trust the medical field? These procedures will not effect snowboarding, running, mountain climbing, scuba diving or night vision with a headlamp and tired eyes. Might have to sleep on this one. Next step is to meet with the eye surgeon next Tuesday.


ultrarunnergirl said...

I keep considering Lasik too, but I'm not ready. I'm used to wearing contacts and the thought that something could go wrong makes me wary. Also, I'm cheap.

Of course, lots of people have had great results ... but as we say in ultrarunning, we are all an experiment of one.

Kim said...

I need my eyes. I still wear glasses.
I know there are many alternatives, but I only have two eyeballs.

Jeff said...

Same here...I've thought about it, but will probably stick to contacts. It's funny, I'm fine with jumping out of a plane skydiving, but someone messing with my eyes scares me!