Saturday, July 23, 2011

To think or not to think, what was the question?

Friday July 22, 2011
So after being denied the top of gunsight pass on my mtn bike, I decided for a little redemption with my feet and ran it. Five miles up, five miles down with some wonderful views. I passed three mountain bikers on the way up. The first one seemed a little discouraged that I passed him and stopped for a rest shortly after. The second one " so much for a mechanical advantage". The third guy was waiting for his two friends reading the paper. I don't think I would have caught him if he didn't stop, he was moving at a good clip. On the way down, I started thinking about how incredible the human brain and muscle control is. The road is technical, made up of a lot of lose rocks and a stream running down the middle and winding from side to side. I would pick a line and with no thought, my feet, would end up where for only a fraction of a second my eyes saw as a good landing spot. I've run with "happy feet" before but have never really thoughtkl about the process of everything working in unison, syncing all body movements between the conscious and sub conscious. My conclusion, the human body is pretty amazing.

I got back to my car and my bike had a flat tire.


Paul, Brenna, Jack and Molly said...

Props to you for adjusting to a change in plan and doing it with a smile :)

Slim said...

Let the trail come to you.

Kim said...

Two entries, same year,same month? Colorado must be agreeing with you.
Live it.

Bill said...

Kimba it is nice to have the time.

Slim. Flowing like water

Thanks Childress clan