Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cedar point errrr I mean Yosemite

July  30, 2011

No dice to getting permits for mt Whitney or half dome. They allow 400 people per day up 1/2 dome and you can only apply for permits online and yosemite valley only has internet on the weekdays, Yosemite is a very pretty park,.  The landscape, big rock walls and differing habitat made it easy to see why so many people go there.  Which is why I'll never go back during peak season.   It was worse than an amusement park.  Way to many rules, one way streets and regulations, which I fully understand.  Without the park service supervision and regulations mayhem and destruction would be evident.  I wouldn't mind going back in the winter time when weather would rule out the camera toting tourons who let their kids fly around on bikes in parking lots without helmets on.  I tried to get off the beaten path but pretty much everything in the valley was beaten down.  It was cool to watch a climber on el capitan. Just a little red spec moving against gravity in fluid motion all by himself/herself.  I was a little bit envious of their solitude. Current reading "running on empty" by Marshall Ulrich very good so far.  In Modesto headed to San Fran.  


Paul, Brenna, Jack and Molly said...

Running on Empty is about? Sorry Yosemite was so packed :(

Bill said...

I'll give it to you when I see you, it I's good and don't want to spoil it for you