Wednesday, August 3, 2011

3 frenchies, an Aussie and a dumb american walk into a bar.

July 31, 2011

 San Fransico:  
Entered into this city by way of the bay city bridge, parking was terrible, everything is so tight and tons of people due to being Sunday.  Went to five different hostels to find a place to sleep but all were booked solid.  Stopped into a hotel to see if they had any rooms but couldn't see spending $275.00 a night.  Decided to get something to eat and got lucky with the sixth hostel that had two rooms left.  My room mates (3) we're from south Korea and were flying back to Korea and stayed up all night ugh, they were somewhat quiet, after 4:30 am , when they left I finally got some real sleep.  Buying earplugs for my next hostel stay.  I ended hanging out with three guys from France and a girl from Australia.  It was fun translating words from French to English and many times we told the very little  English speaking French guy the wrong words on purpose.   He wanted to purchase a California flag but didn't know the word for flag, so I told him it was "slut". Going into a gift shop he asked the worker for a California slut. Fun night of culture and learning cultural differences and I now have a place to stay in France when I go. Sweet.


RunSueRun said...


Nice sharing a beer w/ya at the Avon last month.



Slim said...

You need to Blog more often.

Bill said...

The pleasure was all mine Sue. It was great to see you.

Bill said...

I'm working on it