Saturday, August 6, 2011


August 04 2011

Set my alarm for 4:30am for an alpine start, hit snooze a few times and then turned it off, rolled over and went back to bed, only to be woke up by the warm sun in my face.  That mountain will be there tomorrow. Went into town, updated my backcountry permit.  Back to my camping spot.  Feeling very small looking at this mountain and a little intimidated. First climb with crampons, helmet and ice axe but I guess their is a first for everything right?   Glad i decided to sleep in because I would have made a big mistake leaving so late.  After talking with a few people what I thought would be a four to five.hour adventure is more like eight to ten.  We will see tomorrow.  I need to be heading down by 11:30 am is my turn around time summit or no summit. By noon clouds covered the entire top.  

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