Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thumbs, bikes and soap. Lots Of racing.

August 09-14th, 2011

Spent a little under a week at a friends house, living in my own little cave(her basement) in Oregon.  Went for a really fun run on Tuesday and Thursday in forest park which had some awesome trails.  Monday we ate a place called sizzle pie, great tasting pizza.   Tuesday after our run, we met at the lucky lab for libations, good food and thumb wrestling championships for oversized zucchini.  Most of my Portland trip consisted of hanging out in the neighborhood I was residing in and enjoying the local shops.  Friday 
Night we went to check out the Twilight Crit, a professional bike race in downtown Portland.  These boys closed the gap on the break away race leader in a quick, fast hurry.  Saturday, I went to the adult soapbox derby.  Very cool energy and a great scene.  Headed down to the local track and ran the beer mile and had a chill night at the house.  Awoke Sunday morning to the smell of banana pancakes and fresh fruit.  What a great way to wake up.  All in all, my stay in Portland was great but my only downside, I probably should have ventured out of the comfortable little neighborhood but this only gives me a reason to go back.    Very cool city, scene, filled with stylish, fit hipsters and world class athletes.  Great food great people.  I could live in Portland.  Got caught up on a lot of sleep and was introduced to the blog called " the oatmeal". If you are not familiar take some time and enjoy the humor.  

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