Sunday, August 28, 2011

Seattle area

August 20-26

The summary of the week in Seattle with the Childress family.  Great food, thanks Brenna, great music, thanks sterling loons.  Bike ride and fun on Orcas island with Paul. Didn't get to see any Orca whales.   Jack and Molly- we went to the park and picked huckelberries, played soccer, played catch, rode skateboards, read bed time stories ( don't tell a three year old " don't let the bed bugs bite" if she doesn't like bugs. ) pikes place market for good Mac n cheese and chocolate,  canoeing. picnics,  playing on the playground and throwing rocks.  Molly was playing with a friend she met on the playground named Lucy sliding on the sliding board and at the bottom Lucy went pee,  her father says "Lucy you don't pee in the park". Molly "yeah Lucy don't pee in the park, pee in the pool". 

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Paul, Brenna, Jack and Molly said...

We've all been singing "Baby Come Back"... for no apparent reason ;)