Thursday, August 4, 2011

The wheels on my Subaru go round and round

August 02, 2011

San Fran to Napa valley( the hard way)

Visited the Presidio and China beach area.  Hung out on the beach with views of the golden gate bridge and read for a few hours.  Mapped out my route to mt. Shasta through Sonoma and Napa wine country.   Driving through Napa my back tire fell off and rolled down the highway.  My road angel named Leona was two cars behind me, saw it happen and pulled over to see if I needed help.  She is an account executive for the valley yellow pages and knew who to call, gave them directions and got them there in ten minutes.  Thank you Ms. Gonsalves.  They got my car to the Subaru dealer just before closing and I got a shuttle to a hotel. Everything worked out as it always does.  

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Slim said...

How do you loose a wheel on a Subaru?