Saturday, June 23, 2012

Head in the clouds and on me pillow

Been spending the last few days in the high country.  Due to the recovery process of my eye surgery, I won't be cleared to do any stressful exercise until Tuesday.   Hardrock looming in the very near future, I need to maximize this down time.  Wednesday evening I drove to Loveland pass to car camp around 12k and spent most of the day at the pass, reading and skipping rocks in a lake.
My bedtime view.

 Mid day Thursday, I drove to Georgetown to eat dinner and then head to Guanella pass for some oxygen deprived sleep.  Friday morning, I saw my first, in the wild, Moose.

Getting antsy for my  return to run/hiking, Normally, with Doctors orders, I would interpret to fit my own needs but I think I'm going to trust my surgeon on this one and follow them to a T. My right rib is healing nicely and the small twinge of pain I get in my left knee is unnoticeable.  This might be just what I needed.
Best TV of the year is on and coming up.
Olympic track and field trials in Eugene OR
Tour de France starts Sunday June 30-Allez!, Allez!

Finished two more books, blasting through these things like I was on a crack binge.
Reading a lot is keeping me out of trouble.

"Gypsy Boy" by Mikey Walsh-disturbing look into the Romany gypsy way of life.
"Eat and Run" by Scott Jurek-Fun read, some good looking recipes**, kind of weird to read about Races I have been to, and people I have met in this small but ever growing ultra running world.

**probably should start following some of these recipes since my nutrition kind of sucks and I throw up  every run that is longer than 60 miles**


ultrarunnergirl said...

So big altitude is ok for your eyes? I would think that would be more stressful on them than running, but what do I know?

I really enjoyed Eat and Run. The recipes looked pretty darn good. I'll try a couple and report on them!

Bill said...

I guess it was ok, my eyeballs didn't explode or hurt.

Thanks and then we can have a taste test on the best ones, accompanied with a choice wine of course.