Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Seeing is deceiving dreaming is believing

Flew into Akron airport late Thursday night.  Thanks Beth for picking me up in the middle of your busy schedule.  The flight was a few minutes delayed but all went well.  Friday I went shopping for some new clothes.  I haven't had to wear a button down shirt or tie for over year and all those fancy clothes are packed away in storage. Went to dinner with my baby sister and my nephew who just graduated high school.   Saturday morning got up super early and played 9 holes with one of my best friends since we were babies and then we went to mill creek park for a run to introduce him to trail running.  Ran into the husband of one of my old managers, who lives in Cincinnati.  Small world it is.  Attended a ceremony for my other nephew.  Congrats Jacob on your achievement. Well done young man.  Sunday morning I ran for two hours in Mill Creek Park with Slim followed by a cookout with family members I haven't seen in years.  It was nice to reconnect.  Back home to Colorado mid day Sunday.

Eye surgery on Monday:
Not gonna lie, I was a tad bit nervous.  Surgery wasn't until 4:00pm so I had all day to think about the what if's and lasts.  What if this is the last time I can drive, find my PO box, read signs, see the mountains, see peoples faces?  It was a weird feeling.  Surgery went well.  It was kind of freaky to feel the pressure of the surgical instruments in my eye and  I could see what the surgeon was doing inside the eye he was working on.  They didn't put me out just numbed the eyes and we were holding a conversation.  I got a clear lens exchange in my left eye(the worst eye)  This procedure is where a small incision is made in the white of the eye, they go behind the pupil, remove my funky, non working lens and replace it with a permanent new one.  This took about 5 minutes.  My right eye was a LASIK procedure.  Lift the outer flap of the eye and laser remove the cells to change my focal point in the back of my eye so it is more accurate.  This took about 2 minutes.  That evening my vision was a little cloudy due to the swelling.  The next morning I had one of four follow up appointments that I was able to drive to. The prognosis, it's all good.   The cloudiness is gone, my vision is now 30-20.  My left eye is still "learning" to adjust to far away objects without glasses and my eyes are a little more sensitive to sunlight which is all normal.  I bought my first real pair of sunglasses.   No heavy exercise for a week and I have to sleep with covers over my eyes for a week to prevent me from rubbing them.  I keep reaching for my glasses to adjust them on my face like I have a nervous twitch but I'm sure this will go away soon.

Finished two books:
"All Over But The Shouting" by Rick Bragg. (took me forever since I read more in the summer)
"A Long Way Gone Memoirs of A Boy Soldier" by Ishmael Beah(very good read, highly recommended)

I leave you with a little ditty

"I see said the blind man to his deaf wife,
sitting at the corner of the round table!
As he picked up a hammer and saw...
While his crippled son ran up the stairs!!!."


Kim said...

Glad the eye surgery went well. Maybe one of these days I will man up and do something about my vision.

ultrarunnergirl said...

Always good to see old friends and family.

Happy to hear your eyes are coming around to a new world of seeing. That will be a great change for your active life!

Bill said...

Thanks Kim.

I feel that way every time I come to Virginia. Hope you are well.