Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sore ribbed, Mountain climbing, Scuba diver

Early last week whilst running some trails near Elephant butte, I hit the dirt.  Tripping over a rock that was rudely sticking out of the middle of the trail.  Airborne, my life flashed before my very eyes(not really) but I scraped up my leg/wrist and landed very hard on my right nipple region.  I thought from the horrific pain that I may have ripped my nipple off.  It was in place, just at his always has been.  Today, the pain is still present in my right chest region.  It hurts to put on my seatbelt.  Pain, Pain go away.  
Saturday Morning first and second of four scuba dives at Chattfield lake.  The water was not as cold as I thought it would be at 8 am.  The visibility was about 5 feet.  We were paired up in a group of four.  My buddy, Kylie, and two other people.  We dove to about 20 feet and performed a few skills to get signed off on.  These skills included partial and full flood of our masks, out of air, hovering and proper ascend/descend techniques.  
Sunday Morning third and fourth of four dives.  We took a few tours around the lake using a compass and following a few fixed lines.  At the bottom they have a fire hydrant, shopping cart, sail boat attached to a trailer, mannequin, and perch.  Visibility was still not very good.  We had to show a few more skills such as emergency out of air ascent.  I am now a certified scuba diver and am looking forward to diving in some bigger oceans and seas where I can see more than my fins and hopefully go on a few shark dives.  
Been climbing a lot of mountains in preparation for my up and coming hundred.  Slept at Loveland pass on Monday night and Tuesday morning hiked cupid peak/grizzly peak and to the base of Torreys peak.  Tuesday Evening, slept at Guanella pass and climbed Bierstadt on Wednesday morning.  I have two concerns with this up and coming hundred.  1.  Will my ribs be healed up by then or at least not hurt so bad and 2.  Will this be the hundred  that I don't throw up 30 times and am able to keep some calories in my body? I sure hope so because this hundred is hard and long.  Time will tell.  
Leaving for Ohio Thursday night and will be back to CO on Sunday for eye surgery on Monday.  
Will I be able to see on Tuesday?  Time will tell.  

Bierstadt and the sawtooth before nightfall


Slim said...

Where in Ohio will you be?
Time for a run?

ultrarunnergirl said...

Glad the nipple is still intact.

I hope your stomach behaves. Do you do Gatorade? I switched to Nuun a couple of years ago (no sugar) and that keeps me in check. Got to add more food calories though.

Do you read Sabrina Moran's blog? She now avoids gluten during races and has defeated all her stomach issues. If nothing else has worked, it might be worth a try.

Bill said...

Glad we got to hook up for a run.

No Gatorade
I don't read her blog but will start. Looking for all the beta I can get. something has got to give.

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