Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weekly recap

Early Tuesday morning, I met with my eye ball surgeon.  They took some measurements and did a few tests.  June 18th is the go date.
Spent Tuesday evening camping at Loveland pass and reading.  being in the mountains changes the way I look at life.  It makes it simple and real.  The view from my sleeping bag is snow capped, rugged peaks surrounding me,  the sound of snow melt rushing to the lake and more stars then the sky is night. The air is crisp and clean.   All very simple yet all very powerful and with purpose.  These views have been there longer than I can fathom and will be there long after I'm gone.   Wednesday morning the goal was to climb Cupid peak, grizzly peak and Torreys.  Starting up and within two miles I knew this wasn't going to happen.  The wind and cold was more than brutal. I made it to the top of Cupid peak(13,117 ft) before turning around.    I put my smile in my pocket. The mountains win again.

Thursdays run was fun and it felt like I was flying.
Friday morning I drove to Manitou springs for a run on the ring the peak trail.  This trail basically goes around the base of pikes peak.

The entire trail ring is about 65-66 miles, I decided to run 21 miles of this section from the COG railway, below the incline in the counter clock wise direction.

Backside view of pikes peak.

Then a fun night out in Manitou springs.
This time next Sunday, I will be a certified PADI scuba diver.  I have two dives on Saturday morning and two dives on Sunday morning.  Ocean diving,  bring it.


Jeff said...

I'll be out in CO Aug 11-20th for the Pikes Peak Marathon on the 19th. Would love to meet up early in the week and go on a run with you and Gombobu.

Bill said...

Hey Jeff I'll let Bob know. I'll be in Thailand then. Good luck at pikes peak.

ultrarunnergirl said...

Lovely views - thanks for sharing them!

The mountains certainly do have a way of humbling one, physically and psychologically.

Jeff said...

Thanks, have fun in Thailand!