Monday, February 6, 2012

Don't eat yellow snow

Echo mountain
Played in the terrain park, boxes, jumps and rails for most of every run.  Fell on one box and jammed my right thumb into the metal side as I was falling off.  I think something in their is broken, no hitchhiking for me. Knee deep to waist powder day.  Continue to learn more tricks and feeling more confident on the bigger jumps.

Eldora mountain.
Double black diamonds and tree boarding was how the day was spent.  Two back to back fun days in the mountains.  
With forty plus inches of snow, it has been hard to run outside.  Indoor running on a treadmill is a travesty and mind numbing, at least I can see the mountains

I have an addiction to the show criminal minds.  Season 6 was started yesterday and I'm dreading the day I reach the end of the episodes.  Like any great addiction I will soon be going through withdrawal.

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