Friday, February 10, 2012

You are in Boulder, run like it

Bob Combs and i Met up with Mike Keller in Boulder to run up and down Green mountain.  It was a fun, snowy day on the trails.  Went off piste a few times to find waist deep snow.  Bombing the downhills, slightly out of control, hootin and hollerin like a bunch of pre adolescent children.  Micro spikes are the way to go as I was slipping and sliding all over, in a lunatic fringe kind of way.  Afterwards, a stop at backcountry pizza and tap house seemed fitting.  Awesome choice, great selection.  
Picking the cincy boys up at the airport and off to Vail for a week.  Powder, bowls, tree runs, jumps, hot tub and pool time. My life is a struggle.  Get out and play.  


Mike said...

Had a GREAT time. Thanks for breaking trail on the off-piste stuff and nearly getting me buried to my head in the snow drift!!!

Hope you enjoyed "my" beer afterwards!

Bill said...

A great day with great views, trails, food and people.