Monday, February 27, 2012

The Sabbath

Sunday Church run Boulder
Started at Sunny Saddle and ran to Jamestown, stopped at the Merc and got a bagel and coffee and ran back. The bigger, real breakfast platters looked so so good but being short on time, we opted to make it a simple turn around. The initial plan was for a 30 mile day but with the snow conditions and the amount of time it takes to break trail in knee deep powder, plans are subject to change and ended with 16 miles. I fell on some ice, jammed my middle, ring and pinky finger on the left hand. The ring finger is about as big as my thumb with limited range of motion, landed on my back and cracked my cranium, what came from all this is the question should I wear a helmet while running? After the run, I headed to Denver as I had dinner plans. Duck Condit and cassoulet at ROAM, which is a newer restaurant where Wild Catch use to be, everything was delicious and looking forward to dining there again. Food was excellent, service was great in a modern stylish place with great people. Monday I was feeling under the weather and opted to take a three hour nap. Wonderful. Sleeping is great. After snapping a few pics during the run, I looked at the mountain lion sign. Do Not run or jog in this area. Running may stimulate a lion's instinct to chase and attack. This I believe answers my above question. Why wear a helmet if I am not going to use what is in my head. Looking forward to running those trails when the snow melts a little.

pretty deep

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